Electron Ink

a web development company

Our many years of experience brings tried and true methods, tools and systems that have been applied to many different projects and situations. Working with the LAMP stack has proven scalable, flexible and secure and is a cornerstone of my clients success.

From e-commerce to large user based systems to social media integration we have designed and built solutions to meet the gathered requirements from a variety of organizations. We offer unique content management systems (CMS) as well as worked with Drupal and Wordpress to meet differing needs.

Programming solutions vary from object oriented programming (OOP) to procedural based on the project and it's level of specification and time constraints. We have solved problems building with both paradigms as well as a hybrid implementations.

Web development includes many things a lot of clients do not consider when planning a project and I pride myself on communicating the need and lasting power of documentation, task management, version control and testing.